The South West (or ‘Sud-Ouest’ as the French call it) may be the least known region in France, filled with hidden treasures and breath-taking scenery. Vineyards are planted next to lush forests and both wine and wine making are a way of life.
Known as “France’s Hidden Corner” the South West region is tucked away between the Pyrénées Mountains and Spain to the south, Bordeaux to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west.

The South West is the 5th largest wine region of France at 120,000 acres. Despite its large size, the area is the least populated part of the country with only 10 residents per square mile

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Mr. Bruno Lafon, a descendant of a  well-known Burgundy  winegrowing family. While Mr. Dominique Lafon is focused on the production of Comtes Lafon wines, the family's passion toward winemaking has led them to expand their wine business in another part of France. In 1999, the idea was to come to the Languedoc region because terroirs exist, and some pioneers showed the way. Then, Mr. Bruno Lafon settled in Southern France.

This venture brings together the Burgundian Bruno Lafon, owner of Domaine Magellan in the Languedoc, and François Chamboissier from Bordeaux in a project in the south of France where they seek out great parcels of vineyards.

This selection of grapes and juices expresses itself at each step of the production until the final blend, to define every wine within Racine: wines that represent their terroirs, anchored in the culture of our vast region and in its tradition of conviviality.

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Rosé -
Racine, Côtes de Provence

- Red -
Racine Pinot Noir, IGP Pays d’Oc

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