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With an average of 2,245 hours of sunshine a year, warm, dry summers and mild winters it is little wonder that Hawke’s Bay is one of New Zealand’s foremost wine producing regions.
Located at 39.4° South (the same as Madrid in the North), Hawke’s Bay is one of the hottest and sunniest areas of New Zealand.   Sheltering inland ranges and a maritime influence provide the perfect climate balance for a long growing season with low rainfall and high sunshine hours.
With more than 25 soil types, from clay loam to limestone to sands and gravel, the region offers a tremendous diversity for wine styles. Add to that a choice of sites from coastal to inland foothills, altitudes from virtually sea level to several hundred metres and Hawke’s Bay is a region with limitless grape growing opportunities.
Hawke’s Bay has produced wine since the arrival of the first European settlers in the 1850’s. By the early 1920’s several wineries were all established in the region. The soils and climate that excited the early winemaking efforts of those pioneers continue to provide the inspiration for the current generation of Hawke’s Bay winemakers.
Today, over 5000 hectares of wine producing grapes are planted here. Hawke’s Bay has the largest plantings of red grape varieties in New Zealand and has the second largest number of plantings overall. The combined plantings of red varieties account for nearly half the grapes in Hawke’s Bay. Chardonnay plantings are the largest for a single variety at 26% of total plantings and reflects the outstanding quality produced in the region.
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About Sileni Estates

Sileni Estates was born from a long standing interest in wine by Graeme Avery, a pharmaceutical scientist and former owner of medical publishing company Adis International. In late 1997, along with financial director Chris Cowper and winemaker Grant Edmonds, he established Sileni as an export oriented producer, committed to crafting world-class fine wines.

The winery is named after the Sileni who featured in Roman mythology alongside Bacchus, the God of Wine. They celebrated good wine, good food and good company.

The vineyards and winery are based near Hastings, Hawke’s Bay, on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It has a southern latitude of 39° and a climate similar to that of some of the great wine regions of the world.
Sileni Estates also source grapes from the well known wine producing area of Marlborough, including Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling.

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Wine Selection

- Sparkling -
Sileni Cellar Selection Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
Sileni Cellar Selection Brut Sparkling Chardonnay

- White -
Sileni Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc
Sileni Cellar Selection Chardonnay
Sileni Cellar Selection Riesling
Sileni Estate Selection The Straits Sauvignon Blanc
Sileni Estate Selection The Lodge Chardonnay
Sileni Exceptional Vintage Chardonnay
Sileni Nano Sauvignon Blanc
Sileni G2 Gewurztraminer

- Rose -
Sileni Nano Rose

- Red -
Sileni Cellar Selection Pinot Noir
Sileni Cellar Selection Merlot
Sileni Estate Selection The Plateau Pinot Noir
Sileni Estate Selection The Triangle Merlot
Sileni Exceptional Vintage Merlot
Sileni Exceptional Vintage Pinot Noir
Sileni Nano Pinot Noir

- Sweet -
Sileni Estate Selection Late Harvest Semillon

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