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The love and compliment Robert Parker gave to Rhône in the past decade had uplifted the fame of this region globally. Rhône wine region is situated in southern France and is named because of the Rhône River Valley. It has a long wine making history, the first cultivated vines were probably planted around 600 BC. And after Pape Clement V moved to Avignon, with the wealth and passion of the church, Rhône's wine production expanded greatly, so as its importance in French wine. Due to the fame and history, Châteauneuf-du-Pape therefore became the first AOC region in 1936. 

Rhône is divided into two sub-regions with distinct vinicultural traditions. The northern sub-region produces red wines from the dominant Syrah grape, sometimes blended with Viognier for co-fermentation, and white wines from Marsanne, Roussane and Viognier grapes; whereas to the south it frequently plays second fiddle to other varieties, such as Grenache or Mourvèdre, which synergize as the iconic Grenache - Syrah - Mourvèdre blend.
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About Domaine du Colombier


" of the best in the northern Rhône, but for some reason, this estate remains under most consumers’ radar" Robert Parker's compliment futher enhances the status of this best-but-unsung domaine in northern rhone.

Domaine du Colombier is owned and managed by Florent Viale. The Viale family started the estate 80 years ago, and now it expands to anout 30 acres. It is praised as the "engine room" of Crozes-Hermitage appellation by Rhône expert John Livingston-Learmonth, as it produces great wines without fuss and pretention. 

Most of the vineyard is old vines : Syrah for red and Marsanne for the white.These are planted to high density on stony hillside sites and trained on stakes in the local tradition. This means that most of the work, including harvest, has to be done by hand.

The vines produced, wheter in Crozes Hermitage or Hermitage are of ex-cellent quality. Our estate has received many awards in various competr-tions ans is recognized by the mains guides ans specialist magazines in France and around the world.

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Domaine du Colombier Crozes Hermitage Rouge

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Domaine du Colombier Crozes Hermitage Blanc

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