Domaine Villemajou by Gérard Bertrand

Languedoc spans the Mediterranean coastline from the French border with Spain to the region of Provence. is the single biggest wine-producing region in the world, being responsible for more than a third of France's total wine production.
The history of Languedoc wines can be traced to the first vineyards planted along the coast near Narbonne by the early Greeks in the fifth century BC. Along with parts of Provence, these are the oldest planted vineyards in France. Vineyards in the Languedoc are generally planted along the coastal plains of the Mediterranean while those in the Roussillon are to be found in the narrow valleys around the Pyrenees.

In the Languedoc, the plains area is the most arid and hottest region of France. The region's Mediterranean climate is very conducive to growing a large amount of a wide variety of grapes, with vintners in the area excelling in mass production.
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About Domaine Villemajou

Wine Star Award Winners European Winery of the Year 2011

Gérard Bertrand is synonymous with brilliantly made, modern fruit driven wines. Domaine de Villemajou comprises 90 hectares of south facing vineyards in the terroir of Boutenac, renowned as the best area of the Corbières appellation. The estate wines although similarly bright in fruit are simultaneously elegant and terroir focused. Grapes are hand-harvested and the wine is aged in oak.

The wines bearing the Gérard Bertrand signature share a common identity: with their balance and elegance, they are the expression of the South of France and meet the wide variety of consumer expectations. 

The cross of the Visigoths dates back to the 7th century and is the emblem of Gérard Bertrand wines. The doves drinking from the cup symbolise sharing and communion. This cross is in fact the first version of what was to become the Languedoc cross many centuries later.

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Wine Selection

- White -
Le Blanc de Villemajou, Corbières-Boutenac

- Rosè -
Le Rosè de Villemajou, Corbières-Boutenac

- Red -
Domaine de Villemajou, Corbières-Boutenac

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