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Bourgogne, also called Burgundy, same as Bordeaux, is the soul of French wine. Viticulture in Burgundy can traced back to 2nd century. The region runs from Chablis in the north, then Côte d'Or, to Mâcon in the south. Côte d'Or are the soul of Bourgogne wines, splitting into Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. The majority of red wine production in the Côte d'Or is the Pinot noir grape, while white wines are the chardonnay grape.
Bourgogne is terroir-oriented region in France. Opposed to Bordeaux, Bourgogne classifications are geographically-focused. A specific vineyard or region will bear a given classification, regardless of the wine's producer. The main levels in the Bourgogne classifications, in descending order of quality, are: Grand crus, Premier crus, village appellations, and finally regional appellations

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About Domaine Paquet - Jean Paul Paquet & Fils


Jean Paul Paquet, his wife Monique and their son Yannick make wines with tremendous character which benefits from sensitive barrel ageing, which accentuates rather than dominates the wines' natural intensity of pure fruit. Jean Paul'Saint Véran vines are next door to the famous 'Deux Roches' and the Mâcon Fuissé provides a great introduction to the charm of Mâconnais whites.

Jean Paul Paquet is one of the top producers in the Mâconnais district where lies on the south of the Burgundy wine region in France. It is best known as a source of good value white wines made from the Chardonnay grape - the wines from Pouilly Fuissé are particularly sought-after.

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Domaine Paquet Bourgogne Chardonnay
Domaine Paquet Mâcon Fuissé
Domaine Paquet Pouilly Fuissé
Domaine Paquet Pouilly Fuissé Vieille Vignes
Domaine Paquet Saint Véran

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