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In the north of Treviso between the foothills and the flat plain of Veneto are the hilly vineyards of the Prosecco region. This is the home of the famous Prosecco sparkling wine, which should only be grown in the vineyards of this region. The secret of the wine is, similar to champagne, fermentation in the bottle.

Prosecco is made from Glera grapes, and Glera vine has been grown in the Treviso countryside from the time of the Roman Empire. Historically and by vocation the province of Treviso is defined home of this wine; indeed over 90% of Prosecco production come from vineyards of Treviso area. This is the reason why the best Prosecco comes from Treviso, in which superior DOCG located.

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About Cà di Rajo

Cà di Rajo (Rajo being the ancient name of Rai) has its roots beside the Piave river, among the fertile countryside of Treviso. In 1960 the Cecchetto family, previously Gio’l s farmer, converts the land into valuable vineyards and begins to farm it: after years of hard work, in 1972 the Cecchettos become proprietors. 

This independent family-owned winery in Piave has been going since 1931, long before Prosecco became the runaway success story it is today. They own all their own vineyards, don't buy in any grapes or wines, and so are totally in control of their own destiny. The  Prosecco from Cà di Rajo are made in the traditional way: dry, unfiltered and frizzante. 

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Cà di Rajo Spumante Brut, Veneto
Cà di Rajo Spumante Brut Rosé, Veneto
Cà di Rajo Epsilon Spumante Pink Gold Rosé, Veneto
Cà di Rajo Epsilon Spumante Gold Rosé, Veneto
Cà di Rajo Epsilon Spumante Platinum, Veneto

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