CHIANTI - the Black Rooster

The Chianti region, extending roughly over the two main city provinces of Firenze and Siena in central Italy. The tradition of cultivating vines in Chianti started before the Roman Empire. The blend for Chianti and Chianti Classico is 75–100% Sangiovese. The Chianti DOC title was created in 1967, and in 1984 was promoted to the highest level of Italian wine classification DOCG.

Within the Chianti DOCG there are 8 defined sub-zones, producing the largest volume of DOC/G wines in Italy. Wines produced outside these vineyards are labelled simply "Chianti". Only Chianti from sub-zones may boast the black rooster seal (known in Italian as a gallo nero) on the neck of the bottle.

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About Capannelle

The history of Capannelle wine producing dates back to 1974, when Raffaele Rossetti, a 40 year old business man in Rome, decided to purchase an old XVI century farmhouse in the heart of Chianti. Capannelle's first product came out in 1975, a Chianti wine bearing the name of the farmhouse. 

As one of the first Tuscan winemakers to use stainless steel tanks, Rossetti’s innovative techniques drew the attention of many in the industry and his handcrafted wines, produced in very small quantities, became world famous and highly demanded.

A historic collaboration between Avignonesi and Capannelle

The 1988 wine harvest was exceptional in Tuscany. This event encouraged Raffaele Rossetti, the founder & owner, initiate an innovative plan of blending the Sangiovese from Capannelle with a Merlot cultivated in Toscana. The Merlot was produced by Avignonesi di Montepulciano. Hence, a great red wine, 50&50, was born - a blend of 50% Sangiovese from Capannelle and 50% Merlot from Avignonesi di Montepulciano.

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Wine Selection

- White -
Capannelle Chardonnay, Toscana

- Rosè -
Capannelle Rosato, Toscana

- Red -
Avignonesi & Capannelle 50 & 50, Toscana
Capannelle Solare , Toscana
Capannelle, Chianti Classico Riserva

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